What is Pwning Life?

Me ready to slap life in the faceWhat is Pwning Life?

Put simply it’s a philosophy.

It’s seeing life as a game.

If life’s a game, what are the rules? How do you win?

That’s the beauty. It’s up to you.

This website exists to help you figure out what life games you want to play and how to “beat” them.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. Underneath is developing the mindset and skills to make every morning you wake up feel like hitting the reset button and doing another 24 hour play through of life.

This is why the website is called “Pwning Life” and not “Pwn Life”. Think about the best gaming experiences you’ve had. What was more fun, playing the game or beating the game?

We all need goals. Whether it’s recusing Princess Peach, defeating Metal Gear or getting married and having children. It’s really important to have the right goals FOR YOU.

The game of life is simple, but not easy. This website’s focus is two things.

The game (goal).
The strategy.

We’re going to review, discuss and create games and strategy.

Life games, video games, life strategies, video game strategies and, most importantly, we’re going to have a really good time along the way.

This isn’t some bullshit positive thinking. Life is going to kick your ass. You’re going to be sad. You’re going to have your feelings hurt. You’re going to be depressed. That’s life.

Know that you’re not alone and that where’s a community of people here who have beat that boss before.

Join us below, or you can read more about me.