Fuck Keyword Research! Keep Writing Fun!

Update: After writing this post I decided to do keyword research on “keyword research”. PROTIP: Don’t do research on keyword research. Your head will explode!

Question: How the hell did you find this post?! Seriously, how did you find it? Tell me!

If you found this post through a Google, Bing or Yahoo search… I’m doing something right and you can trust this information!

What is an SEO Keyword?

SEO JediThere is a dictionary definition for keyword (kiːwəːd/ | noun | a word which acts as the key to a cipher or code) which is different from how it’s used in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Let’s look at [the definition straight from the horse’s mouth] (Google), then I’ll add my two cents.

Emphasis mine.

Keywords are phrases that you choose to determine when and where your ad can appear. They’re matched to terms that people search for or web content that they view. Selecting keywords that are closely related to your ads can help you reach customers who are looking for what your business has to offer.

That underlined bit is the most important part keywords are “terms [or phrases] that people search for”. Google’s interest in keywords are Continue reading “Fuck Keyword Research! Keep Writing Fun!”

LEARN How to Juggle in 5 Minutes

Before you read this you should answer the question “Why do I want to learn how to juggle?” There are a million answers, but the one you’re looking for is…

The ladies love a dude that can juggle! 😉

Seven years ago I created the video above titled “Learn How to Juggle in 5 Minutes” and I think it’s helped a lot of people learn how to juggle. It has over 270,000 views! I writing this blog post to answer frequently asked question and to clear one thing up…

You will LEARN how to juggle in 5 minutes. You will NOT be able to juggle in 5 minutes!

Step 1. Master One Ball

This, believe it or not, is actually the most important step. Juggling is about throwing, not catching. What I mean is that it’s not about being able to have fast hands and catch wild tosses. You want pinpoint tosses. You want tosses to be so pinpoint that you can do it with your eyes closed! I’m not kidding! I can do them with my eyes closed!

Step 2. Master the Transition

Now you’re going to have have a ball in each hand. Throw a ball from one hand, with laser like accuracy, to the other hand. As your hand moves up to catch that ball throw the other ball to the hand you started with from the inside. That means you’re catching the call with the outside of your hand and throwing the other ball with the inside of your hand.

I lied. This is actually the most important thing! I’m being serious. I’m not going to say step 3 is the most important thing. I promise.

You can count in your mind. Throw 1, throw 2, stop. 1, 2, stop. Or throw right, throw left, stop. Right, left, stop.


You’ll want to switch it up. Right, left, stop. Left, right, stop. It’s OK to focus on the side that’s easiest for you.

Step 3. Master A Full Round

This actually is “easy”. Start with three balls. Throw the side with two balls and do the two count like above.

1, 2, stop. 1, 2, stop. Right, left, stop. Right, left, stop. Every time you do this two balls end up in the same hand. Not you can do three! JUST do three! Now you’re going to do a full round.

1, 2, 3, stop. 1, 2, 3, stop. Right, left, right, stop. Right, left, right, stop.

Thanks a full round. Pat yourself on the back. You can official juggle now. Two balls started in one hand. Now they’re in the other. The next step is…

1, 2, 3, 4, stop. Both hands are where they started. 1, 2, 3, 4, stop. Just keep building… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, stop. …4, 5, 6, stop… 18, 19, 20, stop…

You probably stopped adding stop a long time before twenty. Now you’re just mastering three. Then you can start adding tricks! If you want a video with tricks or have questions about tricks let me know.

If you want to use the book I used to learn how to juggle, here it is. It’s really cheap and it’s awesome! It even comes with three balls to practice with. Practice balls are much better to use than socks, tennis balls or eggs in the beginning.

Klutz Juggling for the Complete Klutz Craft Kit


I want to thank the commenters in the videos. They actually answered a lot of these questions!

I keep moving forward. How do I stop?!

Practice in front of a wall.

My back hurts from constantly picking the balls up. What can I do?!

Practice over a table or bed.

If you have another question, post them in the comments!

The History of Pwning Life

The idea for pwning life came to me about 9 years ago…

It was a life philosophy of sorts. Pwning Life required an ever evolving and changing set of skills and techniques as you moved through life. What pwning life meant to me 9 years ago is different from what it means to me now. Pwning Life actually became so different to me that it was a phrase I didn’t want to use anymore! That’s the beauty of “pwning life” (or whatever you’d like to call it for you). It representing the ever evolving and changing life situations. philosophies, skills, goals, etc.

I coined the term “pwning life” in my late twenties. It made perfect sense to me at the time (it still does now). I grew up playing video games. The first game I can remember playing was called…

Combat Atari Game Pack Cover

This game was AWESOME! It had 27 different game modes! WHAT?! I don’t think the youngins reading this can appreciate the beauty of this game without seeing a screenshot.

Image courtesy of 8-Bit Central’s Atari Combat Review

That level was so dope. You could hide your plane behind those clouds! It was a 1 on 1 game of tremendous skill and strategy. 😉 You basically got a point each time you blew up your opponent, the winner was the one with the most points when the time ran out. It was a lot of fun and really high tech at the time.

Back to pwning life… Here’s the thing about winning, it’s not about winning! It’s about playing the game and playing games you like! Yes, winning is a goal, but the real goal is enjoying the process that leads to the win. The practicing, the trial and error, the fail after fail after fail after fail until finally… you’re pwning!

I queued my “Pwning Life” video up to a part that displays exactly what I’m talking about (if you want to see the ladies dancing, rewind it back to 5:56 😉 ).

Like I say in the video, the best way to learn how to pwn is getting pwned.

The ONLY way to learn how to pwn is by getting pwned.

Once you really take this in whether you’re winning or failing your pwning! You might not be PWNING just yet, but you’re pwning the process that’s getting you to PWNING… Get it?

The thing about pwning LIFE is that all you can do is pwn the process.

You. Can’t. Pwn. Life.

Why can’t you pwn life? The game is ALWAYS changing. ALWAYS. You change the game. You girlfriend changes the game. Your boss changes the game. Cancer changes the game. A new baby changes the game. Trump changes the game.

The. Game. Always. Changes.

Pwning Life is about pwning the art of change. Being able to rolls with the punches. Knowing that, even if you’ve been pwning life for years, there’s always a new game, challenge, waiting around the corner. It’s also about finding the right kind of challenges, games, for you. It’s also knowing the the process is never ending…

Well… I’m glad you found this blog and I’m glad I rediscovered pwning life.

Questions? You know what to do.